Lucky Duck Gifts Candles

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Lucky Duck Gifts Candles

8oz Natural Soy Candle with a Wood Wick in a variety of scents, made in Stoney Creek, ON

These candles are hand-poured and made with natural ingredients to give you a clean burning candle! Safer and more eco-friendly than paraffin-based candles, a soy candle is a renewable resource that burns clean and leaves your room and home with the natural scent of the candle and none of the chemical compounds which means they are less likely to trigger headaches or allergies.

Lucky Duck Gifts test all of our scents to ensure the quality of the burn and fragrance. All of their scents are naturally based and phthalate free. Depending on the scent they will also include essential oils. It is important to remember that soy candles have a milder fragrance burn than some paraffin-based candles, so you may notice that the fragrance is not as overpowering as some mass produced candles may be.


How long do the 8oz candles burn?
- Lucky Duck Gifts candles average 25-40 hours. The range depends on how long you burn for each time, in short, or long time periods.

How do I care for the candle best?
- Because these are wood wick candles, you will need to make sure the wicks are trimmed to 1/4 inch when you light the candle. Most of the time the wick will naturally shrink with burning, however, the wood is a natural fiber so sometimes it may be a bit longer than 1/4 from the top of the wax.

Does it matter if I light it and blow it out right away?
- It only matters on the first burn. Soy wax has a natural memory, if you light it and blow it out before the wax has melted to the edge of the container, it will remember where to stop melting and this will result in the wax tunneling down and causing the burn time to reduce and could prevent the wick from staying lit.

How long should I leave my candle lit for?
- Whenever you light any candle make sure to have it lit in a controlled and monitored environment no matter how long it is lit for. We recommend for our 8oz candles that you have them lit for no more than 2-4 hours at a time. This will also affect the overall burn time your candle will last for.

What do I do when there is nothing left?
- Because soy wax is a natural product, when you reach the base of the jar, you can simply wash it out with warm water and some dish soap and reuse the jar for other purposes!


* During this Covid-19 pandemic we cannot exchange or accept returns on candles once they have been picked up or delivered

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