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The Scented Market Summer Collection Candle Sample Pack

Regular price $49.99
The Scented Market Summer Collection Candle Sample Pack

Sample The Scented Market's Brand New Summer Scents in a sample pack!

Each of the Scented Markets 5 BRAND NEW Summer Scents comes in a 1 oz size and burns for 15 hours each.

100% all natural soy wax and a cotton wick for the cleanest burn.

Also includes the Scented Markets cute little custom matches in this sample pack. 

Summer Scents include:

PEACHES a fresh basket of peaches picked up from the farmers market.

RASPBERRY BUSH the fresh aroma of handpicked raspberries.

BY THE FIRE those summer nights sitting around the fire watching the glow of the flame. An added note of cedar wood.

BEACH DAY beach day baby! All things coconut and sunshine.

YOU, Me, & TEA a green tea inspired fresh candle 

All complete in a reusable or recyclable paper box!

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