You grow girl Vegan Lash Elixir

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You grow girl Vegan Lash Elixir

Lengthen and strengthen your lashes with Lip Service Beauty's all natural and vegan mixture of castor oil, vitamin e and fractionated coconut oil. Use on your brows or hair line too!

TO APPLY: close your eye and brush a thin layer onto the top of your lashes for best results. Product is oil based therefore Lip Service Beauty does not recommend you use with makeup; applying at night time works best.


Can I use this product with lash extensions? Yes, Lip Service Beauty recommends using with an eye liner brush to target the lash line.

What happens if I get product in my eye? Lip Service Beauty uses a fractionated coconut oil (carrier) to dilute our formula. If you do happen to get any in your eye use a carrier oil (such as olive oil, grape-seed, etc) or milk to remove the product from your eye. Water will only make you feel worse.

Can I use this product on my actual hair? Yes, not just for your lashes. You can apply Lip Service Beauty's growth elixir to your eyebrows or hair line.

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